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The renting process with us is very easy and straightforward:

  • Select model
  • Duration: 1 month to 4 years
  • Provide liquid collateral
  • Pay monthly rent
  • Select return location
  • Return watch

Please go to to Current Offers for readily available rental options!

Details of the rental process are explained hereafter:

  1. You can directly select from our portfolio of high quality new and used watches - or simply specify a model you would like to rent, which we can then price for you.
  2. Upon execution of the rental agreement you have to provide a liquid collateral deposit (the "Deposit") reflecting the current market and/or replacement value of the watch. 
  3. We accept deposits by either wire transfers or in cash in USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, JPY, HKD and CAD. Payment by major credit cards is also possible (plus we would consider  payment in Bitcoins ("BTC") for amounts up to USD 20.000).
  4. We hand over the rented watch including certified copies of the customary documentation at one of our business locations. Initial meetings and exchanges of watches / deposits will take place exclusively at hotels or other public venues determined at our sole discretion, (Please abstain from contacting us in case you are not willing to comply with the above.) 
  5. Rent payments have to be made either three months in advance (in cash or by wire) or paid by credit card.
  6. At the end of the renting period you need to return the watch in unchanged conditions (except for usual wear and tear from cautious use, reflecting the type, value and purpose of each watch). 
  7. Your deposit is simultaneously returned - less the handling charges as set forth below. A return of the watch at a different location (other than the one it was rented at) incurs an additional charge, as do changes of the format of returning the Deposit.


Handling Charge Deposit:









Alternative Return  - Location:



Alternative Return - Format of Deposit:




We look forward to being of assistance and make the process of enjoying high quality watches more flexible both in terms of duration and location. 

Please call our Managing Director Felix T.M. Schauerte at the numbers shown in the right column of each page or by e-mail for additional information and setting up an advantageous watch purchase, rental or financing process for you.